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Thank You! Looking Back At 2016

Thanks so much to all of our donors and volunteers!


The Guhyasamaja Center only exists due to your kindness, hard work, and generosity. All of the work that sustains the center comes from volunteers and all of the finances that allow us to pay our bills and invite visiting teachers comes from your generosity. And, looking back to 2016, we have a lot to rejoice in together! 

Our wonderful, wise, kind teacher, Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche came in July and gave an advanced teaching on the Seventh Dalai Lamas beautiful poem, “The Song of the Four Mindfulnesses.” In September we also hosted the former abbot of Sera Jey Monastic Univeristy, Khen Rinpoche Lobsang Delek who taught on Lama Tsongkhapa’s “The Foundation of All Good Qualities,” gave the oral transmission of a number of different mantras, and led a Tara Puja.  

In June we also hosted Geshe Gelek who taught on “Becoming a Bodhisattva!” We also hosted two different teaching visits from Ven. Amy Miller; for the first she taught on “Living Confidently, Dying Peacefully: Tibetan Buddhist Perspectives on Life, Death and Rebirth,” and for the second she taught on “Mindfulness, Meditation and Making Life Meaningful.” In November, we also hosted the current abbot of Sera Mey Monastic University, Khen Rinpoche Ngawang Jorden, along with other monks for a Chittamani Tara Puja.  

Volunteers from the center ran our first ever garage sale which was quite successful in building community and also in raising needed funds for the center! Volunteers also participated in Fairfax Day this year, allowing more people to become aware of our center and its activities.  

Our Spiritual Program Coordinator, Ven. Losang Dondrub, was very busy offering service at the center this year! He facilitated “Setting Up a Daily Practice” three times, led a series of guided meditations on loving-kindness in July, facilitated weekly drop-in meditation classes in March through June and again in August, facilitated “Buddhism in a Nutshell” in the fall, led “Meditation 101” in November, participated in the center’s long life puja for Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, hosted a number of temple visits for students, and held visiting hours to host a range of young people interested in learning more about Buddhism.  

Ven. Losang Tendrol also gave a range of offerings to our members and friends. She facilitated “Buddhism in a Nutshell” and a series on “Dharma in Daily Life.” She also led meditation sessions on Medicine Buddha and Vajrasattva Purification Practice. She co-led a parenting class with Teresa Denton, organized a children’s class, celebrated World Vegetarian Day with Victoria Foote-Blackman, oversaw a food drive effort, and co-hosted a visit from the International Buddhist Association’s study group by giving a talk on Buddhist approaches to parenting.  

Our center’s Assistant Director, Gabe Mata, led a total of 15 weeknight classes on “Mindfulness Practice” over the course of the year.  

Center Director, Lorne Ladner, Ph.D., continued teaching a series of classes as part of FPMT’s Basic Program focusing on Lama Tsongkhapa’s “Middle Length Lamrim” and led guided mini-retreats on the Lamrim after the completion of teaching each section of the text. He also led a 1000 Tsok Offering Puja in February, a long-life puja dedicated to Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche in March, a Jangwa Medicine Buddha Puja in June to benefit those who’d passed away, a reading of “The Sutra of Golden Light” in October, and a Guhyasamaja Sadhana practice session in November. And he co-hosted a visit from the International Buddhist Association’s study group by giving a talk on the causal and resultant version of refuge practice.  


Overall, we are pleased to have been able to offer this range of different Dharma events to our community in 2016! We sincerely hope that they have enriched people’s lives with more compassion, wisdom, loving-kindness, and peace.  

We look forward to what we hope will be even more offerings in 2017 and hope that you’ll find things to enrich your spiritual life through our center this year and for many more years to come!

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